A Breathalyzer is no good if you don’t drink.  However if you do drink, A Breathalyzer should be considered a tool of the trade.  Why?  Because lots of people drink.  Many of them are business professionals including Lawyers, Doctors, Judges and Counselors, Policemen, Truck Drivers, school Teachers just to mention a few.  What can a Breathalyzer do for you?  It will tell you what your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is which is valuable information if you intend to be driving.  Or even having people leaving your house party.  Because you the host are responsible.  Breathalyzers are not a machine that pronounces you guilty or innocent.  It is actually a medical machine that determines your BAC.  The most accurate test is a blood test.  But I doubt you are going to be doing that when a simple personal Breathalyzer can do it for you and be extremely accurate.  Breathalyzers are a tool, If used properly and professionally you will stay on the right side of the law.  What if someone was drinking and accidently hit your car.  Are they drunk?  Will you push the issue.  What if it was you that had the accident?
Let us demonstrate a Personal Breathalyzer for you.  A demonstration will cost you nothing, But it will enlighten you.  Check it out.  Give us a call for a free demonstration.  We will come to you.  If you are in the local area of Spokane, WA.  Otherwise we will be glad to explain the operation to you by phone.
Thank You

Mike Bowcutt
Cell (509)768-0103
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Welcome to Alcohol Breathalyzers For Fun
Cell (509)768-0103
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Persoanal Hand Held Digital Breathalyzer
Mike Bowcutt  President

Mission Statement
The mission of Breathalyzers for Fun is to place breathalyzers in any bar in Washington state, willing to have them installed at no cost to the bar. This will provide any customer that has been drinking a chance to check their blood alcohol content (BAC) prior to leaving the bar. The machine will charge each customer a dollar. And the bar will receive 15% of the vend. Personal breathalyzers will be sold to bouncers, bartenders and individuals at their request.